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    Liverpool JET Service - finding the right plan of action

    A local employment provider had issues in effectively recording a customer's progression to employment. They used SMART Action Plans but they felt they weren't detailed enough and, more importantly, they weren't progressing their customers by using them.

    Through our consultation process we helped re-design the current Action Plan templates using a basic model (ARC - action, review, change), however, completing action plans is only part of the picture.

    Advisers can find it challenging sometimes to know what to record, how to use an Action Plan to progress a client and how often to revisit them. We put together a short workshop around diagnostic skills, an informal and interactive session geared towards thinking differently about diagnosing and understanding the difficulties customers face along their journey into employment. We added value to this customer's request because we understood their service, we understood their client's needs and, most importantly, we understood how and why they needed to change.